What Is a Urologist? What They Do, Procedures, and More

Within the time of the traditional Egyptians and Greeks, docs ceaselessly examined urine’s shade, odor, and texture. In addition they seemed for bubbles, blood, and different indicators of illness.

Right this moment, a complete subject of medication focuses on the well being of the urinary system. It’s known as urology. Right here’s a have a look at what urologists do and when you need to take into account seeing one among these specialists.

Urologists diagnose and deal with ailments of the urinary tract in each women and men. In addition they diagnose and deal with something involving the reproductive tract in males.

In some circumstances, they could carry out surgical procedure. For instance, they could take away most cancers or open up a blockage within the urinary tract. Urologists work in quite a lot of settings, together with hospitals, non-public clinics, and urology facilities.

The urinary tract is the system that creates, shops, and removes urine from the physique. Urologists can deal with any a part of this technique. This consists of the:

  • kidneys, that are the organs that filter waste out of the blood to provide urine
  • ureters, that are the tubes via which urine flows from the kidneys to the bladder
  • bladder, which is the hole sac that shops urine
  • urethra, which is the tube via which urine travels from the bladder out of the physique
  • adrenal glands, that are the glands situated on prime of every kidney that launch hormones

Urologists additionally deal with all components of the male reproductive system. This technique is made up of the:

  • penis, which is the organ that releases urine and carries sperm out of the physique
  • prostate, which is the gland beneath the bladder that provides fluid to sperm to provide semen
  • testicles, that are the 2 oval organs contained in the scrotum that make the hormone testosterone and produce sperm

Urology is the sector of medication that focuses on ailments of the urinary tract and the male reproductive tract. Some urologists deal with basic ailments of the urinary tract. Others specialise in a selected sort of urology, equivalent to:

  • feminine urology, which focuses on circumstances of a girl’s reproductive and urinary tract
  • male infertility, which focuses on issues that stop a person from conceiving a child together with his accomplice
  • neurourology, which focuses on urinary issues because of circumstances of the nervous system
  • pediatric urology, which focuses on urinary issues in youngsters
  • urologic oncology, which focuses on cancers of the urinary system, together with the bladder, kidneys, prostate, and testicles

You have to earn a four-year faculty diploma after which full 4 years of medical faculty. When you graduate from medical faculty, you need to then undergo 4 or 5 years of medical coaching at a hospital. Throughout this program, which is known as a residency, you’re employed alongside skilled urologists and be taught surgical abilities.

Some urologists resolve to do a 12 months or two of further coaching. That is known as a fellowship. Throughout this time, you acquire abilities in a specialty space. This may embody urologic oncology or feminine urology.

On the finish of their coaching, urologists should go the specialty certification examination for urologists. The American Board of Urology certifies them upon profitable completion of the examination.

Urologists deal with all kinds of circumstances that have an effect on the urinary system and male reproductive system.

In males, urologists deal with:

  • cancers of the bladder, kidneys, penis, testicles, and adrenal and prostate glands
  • prostate gland enlargement
  • erectile dysfunction, or bother getting or maintaining an erection
  • infertility
  • interstitial cystitis, additionally known as painful bladder syndrome
  • kidney ailments
  • kidney stones
  • prostatitis, which is irritation of the prostate gland
  • urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • varicoceles, or enlarged veins within the scrotum

In girls, urologists deal with:

  • bladder prolapse, or the dropping of the bladder into the vagina
  • cancers of the bladder, kidneys, and adrenal glands
  • interstitial cystitis
  • kidney stones
  • overactive bladder
  • UTIs
  • urinary incontinence

In youngsters, urologists deal with:

  • bed-wetting
  • blockages and different issues with the urinary tract construction
  • undescended testicles

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WHen you go to a urologist, they’ll begin by doing a number of of those checks to seek out out what situation you will have:

  • Imaging checks, equivalent to a CT scan, MRI scan, or ultrasound, enable them to see inside your urinary tract.
  • They will order a cystogram, which includes taking X-ray pictures of your bladder.
  • Your urologist can carry out a cystoscopy. This includes utilizing a skinny scope known as a cystoscope to see the within of your urethra and bladder.
  • They will carry out a post-void residual urine take a look at to learn the way quick urine leaves your physique throughout urination. It additionally exhibits how a lot urine is left in your bladder after you urinate.
  • They will use a urine pattern to examine your urine for micro organism that trigger infections.
  • They will carry out urodynamic testing to measure the stress and quantity inside your bladder.

Urologists are additionally educated to carry out various kinds of surgical procedure. This will embody performing:

  • biopsies of the bladder, kidneys, or prostate
  • a cystectomy, which includes eradicating the bladder, to deal with most cancers
  • extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy, which includes breaking apart kidney stones to allow them to take away them extra simply
  • a kidney transplant, which includes changing a diseased kidney with a wholesome one
  • a process to open a blockage
  • a restore of injury because of damage
  • a restore of urinary organs that aren’t well-formed
  • a prostatectomy, which includes eradicating all or a part of the prostate gland to deal with prostate most cancers
  • a sling process, which includes utilizing strips of mesh to help the urethra and preserve it closed to deal with urinary incontinence
  • a transurethral resection of the prostate, which includes eradicating extra tissue from an enlarged prostate
  • a transurethral needle ablation of the prostate, which includes eradicating extra tissue from an enlarged prostate
  • a ureteroscopy, which includes utilizing a scope to take away stones within the kidneys and ureter
  • a vasectomy to forestall being pregnant, which includes reducing and tying the vas deferens, or the tube sperm journey via to provide semen

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Your main care physician can deal with you for delicate urinary issues, equivalent to a UTI. Your main care physician could refer you to a urologist in case your signs don’t enhance or you probably have a situation that wants remedies they will’t present.

Chances are you’ll must see each a urologist and one other specialist for sure circumstances. For instance, a person who has prostate most cancers can see a most cancers specialist known as “an oncologist” and a urologist.

How are you aware when it’s time to see a urologist? Having any of those signs suggests you will have an issue within the urinary tract:

  • blood in your urine
  • a frequent or pressing must urinate
  • ache in your decrease again, pelvis, or sides
  • ache or burning throughout urination
  • bother urinating
  • urine leakage
  • weak urine move, dribbling

You must also see a urologist when you’re a person and also you’re experiencing these signs:

  • a decreased sexual want
  • a lump within the testicle
  • bother getting or maintaining an erection

Should you need assistance discovering a urologist, you possibly can browse docs in your space via the Healthline FindCare software.

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