Causes and When to Seek Medical Help

A sore tongue often isn’t a trigger for concern, however it may be laborious to disregard the sensation. Together with soreness, the tongue can have:

  • small bumps
  • white or crimson patches, or raised areas
  • ache
  • swelling
  • burning sensation

Many situations that have an effect on the tongue might be prevented by training good oral hygiene. However in case you have a sore tongue, there are a number of house treatments that may ease the soreness, relying on the trigger.

If the soreness or ache lasts greater than two weeks, or presents itself with different bothersome signs, see a health care provider.

Sore tongue at-home treatments

Most causes of a sore tongue, like canker sores, swollen style buds, and mouth accidents, might be handled at house. House treatments can even enable you ease a sore tongue brought on by extra severe medical situations, similar to burning mouth syndrome or oral thrush, as a part of a medical remedy plan.

Oral hygiene

Brushing your enamel with a tender toothbrush, flossing, and utilizing a mouthwash may also help rid your self of a sore tongue and stop an infection. You might also discover that utilizing a toothpaste that doesn’t comprise sodium lauryl sulfate helps relieve soreness.

Aloe vera

Aloe is understood for its skin-soothing talents. This additionally applies to the tongue. You’ll be able to rinse your mouth with aloe juice a couple of instances per day.

Baking soda

For ache and swelling, strive rinsing your mouth with a mix of heat water and baking soda (1 teaspoon per 1/2 cup of water). You may also make a paste out of baking soda and water and apply it to the sore space.

Milk of magnesia

Making use of small quantities of milk of magnesia, an acid neutralizer, to a sore tongue may also help relieve ache and promote therapeutic.

Hydrogen peroxide

As an antiseptic, hydrogen peroxide can deal with an an infection or sore inside your mouth. Use solely 3% hydrogen peroxide and dilute it with water (equal elements peroxide to water).

Dab the affected space utilizing a cotton swab. After a couple of seconds, rinse your mouth with heat water.

Salt water

Gargling salt water is one other technique to cut back ache, irritation, and stop an infection. Combine a teaspoon of salt in a cup of heat water, swish it round your mouth, gargle, and spit.


Honey is a pure antibacterial and has been proven to be efficient in treating a number of varieties of wounds. You’ll be able to rub a little bit of honey instantly on the sore space a couple of instances per day or drink a heat tea with honey.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil could possibly heal a sore tongue due to its antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Apply the oil on to the sore space with a cotton ball, rubbing it gently. Or you possibly can swish it round in your mouth and spit it out. That is referred to as oil pulling.


Chamomile is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. Scientific proof is restricted, nonetheless. To do that treatment, rinse your mouth with a powerful chamomile tea as soon as it has cooled, or apply a moist tea bag on to the sore spot.


Antacids are used to neutralize abdomen acid and will assist relieve a burning or sore tongue, particularly if it’s brought on by acid reflux disease.

Ice, ice pops, and chilly water

Ice has numbing qualities, so ingesting ice-cold water or sucking on an ice dice or ice pop may also help relieve some tongue soreness, together with soreness brought on by dry mouth, or a burning mouth.

OTC remedies

You may also go to your native drugstore for OTC topical remedies that work by coating the tongue and defending it from additional irritation.

Examples embody:

  • benzocaine (Orabase, Zilactin-B)
  • OTC hydrogen peroxide rinses (Peroxyl, Orajel)

Vitamin dietary supplements

In case your tongue soreness is brought on by a vitamin deficiency, think about taking a multivitamin or a vitamin B complicated complement. Seek the advice of your physician earlier than taking any dietary supplements.

Avoiding spicy and aggravating meals

Spicy and acidic meals (like pineapple, lemon, and tomato) can worsen tongue soreness. Till the soreness goes away, keep away from these meals. As a substitute, eat tender, bland meals, like mashed potatoes and oatmeal.

Although house treatments may assist cut back tongue soreness, infections and inflammatory situations, in addition to power diseases like most cancers, will more than likely require medical remedy.


Bacterial infections, like syphilis, can result in mouth sores. Your physician will prescribe an antibiotic to deal with the an infection. Ensure to take the total course of antibiotics, even when you begin feeling higher.


Antifungals, like fulcanazole (Diflucan) and clotrimazole (Mycelex Troche) are prescribed to deal with oral thrush.

Prescription mouthwash

A prescription mouthwash or antimicrobial mouth rinse may also help forestall infections as a sore tongue heals.


A physician may prescribe a corticosteroid to cut back irritation brought on by mouth sores or by one other inflammatory situation, like lichen planus.

Vitamin dietary supplements

You may want a prescription vitamin complement, like a B-12 shot, folate, or iron to assist deal with a vitamin deficiency.

Drugs to extend saliva manufacturing

When you’ve got dry mouth, there are prescriptions out there to assist enhance saliva manufacturing.

Most cancers remedies

Remedy for oral most cancers often consists of surgical procedure, chemotherapy, or radiation.

If you happen to discover modifications in your tongue (like modifications in coloration, bumps, or sores), that final for greater than two weeks, go to a health care provider or dentist. It is best to see a health care provider sooner in case you have the next signs alongside a sore tongue:

  • fever
  • rash
  • fatigue
  • bleeding gums
  • white patches within the mouth
  • diarrhea
  • incapacity to eat or drink
  • blisters or sores on different elements of the physique

A physician can discover out in case your tongue soreness is brought on by an underlying situation, or when you merely must make some modifications to your oral hygiene routine. They’ll additionally check to rule out less-common causes of tongue soreness, like burning mouth syndrome and oral most cancers.

Tongue points brought on by infections, like oral thrush, or syphilis, will seemingly require a prescription to do away with the an infection, so don’t delay making an appointment.

If you happen to need assistance discovering a main care physician or dentist, you possibly can browse docs in your space via the Healthline FindCare device.

Most causes of a sore tongue are short-term and aren’t severe.

The most typical causes of tongue soreness embody:

  • damage, like biting or burning the tongue
  • irritation from braces or dentures, brushing enamel too laborious, or grinding your enamel at night time
  • swollen style buds (enlarged papillae), additionally referred to as lie bumps
  • canker sores
  • oral thrush (yeast an infection of the mouth)
  • infections, like syphilis, hand, foot, and mouth illness, HPV, and scarlet fever
  • menopause
  • meals sensitivities or allergic reactions
  • smoking and chewing tobacco
  • acid reflux disease
  • dry mouth (xerostomia)
  • medicines

Much less widespread causes for a sore tongue embody:

A sore tongue often isn’t severe, and will even resolve by itself inside two weeks. Within the meantime, you possibly can strive a couple of house treatments to ease the ache as you heal.

House treatments can even assist with the signs of extra severe medical situations, like oral thrush and vitamin deficiencies, as a part of the medical remedy plan really useful by a health care provider.

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