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Mucus in child poop isn’t all the time trigger for concern. The intestines naturally secrete mucus to assist stool cross extra successfully by means of the intestines.

Generally, a child might cross a few of this mucus of their stool with none underlying situation. The mucus can seem like slimy streaks or strings. Generally the mucus is jelly-like in look.

Infants who’re breastfed could also be extra more likely to have mucus of their poop as a result of their stool passes by means of their intestines comparatively rapidly.

Nonetheless, typically there are medical circumstances that may trigger mucus in stool, together with infections, allergic reactions, and extra.

An infection

A bacterial or viral an infection (abdomen flu) can irritate the intestines and result in irritation. The result’s elevated mucus in child’s poop.

Extra signs that would point out an infection embrace fever and irritability. Infants with an an infection might also have inexperienced stool. Some blood might even be current in instances of maximum irritation.

With a bacterial an infection, there may be typically blood within the stool together with mucus.

Meals allergy

Meals allergic reactions could cause irritation. Irritation causes elevated mucus secretion, which results in extra mucus in a child’s stool. These signs will often seem inside a child’s first two months of life. Indicators a child might have a meals allergy embrace:

  • being fussy and arduous to console
  • vomiting
  • bloody stool


Teething infants aren’t solely cranky — signs might embrace mucus of their stool. The presence of extra saliva and the ache from teething can irritate the intestines, leading to extra mucus within the stool.

Cystic fibrosis

Infants with cystic fibrosis might have elevated quantities of mucus as a facet impact of this situation. The mucus tends to be foul-smelling and greasy in look. A toddler might also have poor weight acquire and delayed development associated to cystic fibrosis.

The situation additionally causes extra mucus to develop in organs, particularly the lungs, pancreas, liver, and intestines.

As a result of cystic fibrosis can intrude with a toddler’s digestion, a health care provider might suggest particular enzymes for remedy. If a child’s weight acquire may be very poor, typically a feeding tube is used to offer diet.


Intussusception is a severe medical situation that may happen when an toddler’s intestines slide into one another, a course of often known as “telescoping.” This can be a medical emergency as a result of blood circulate is misplaced to the gut and stool turns into blocked.

Because of this, a child might solely be capable to cross mucus that has been excreted under the blocked space. The stool typically resembles darkish crimson jelly. Different signs of intussusception embrace:

  • stomach ache that comes and goes
  • vomiting
  • blood within the stool
  • lethargy or excessive sleepiness

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