Body Temperature Is 96, But I Feel Sick: Causes and More

You might really feel in poor health and take your temperature assuming you’ve got a fever. As an alternative, your thermometer reads 96°F (35.55°C). This lower-than-average temperature might happen for a number of causes. You’ll have an sickness that corresponds to low temperatures. You’ll have taken your temperature incorrectly. Age could play an element. Lastly, you might have a well being situation inflicting the decrease physique temperature.

Understanding physique temperature is essential to creating sense of your 96-degree studying. Way back, docs thought-about 98.6°F (37°C) to be a “regular” temperature. That has modified lately. A standard temperature is now thought-about to be a bit decrease than that, and it relies on your age and the tactic you employ to measure your temperature.

One 2019 analysis evaluate checked out 36 prior research about physique temperature and located that adults lower than 60 years previous had a common temperature of 98.04°F (36.68°C). Adults greater than 60 years previous had a common temperature of 97.7°F (36.5°C).

The examine additionally examined physique temperatures taken with completely different strategies. These common temperatures by technique have been:

  • Rectal: 98.67°F (37.03°C)
  • Eardrum: 97.95°F (36.63°C)
  • Oral: 97.83°F (36.57°C)
  • Armpit: 96.75°F (35.97°C)

Common temperatures for newborns and kids are additionally completely different:

  • Newborns: 97.7 and 99.5°F (36.5 and 37.5°C).
  • Youngsters: 96.8 and 99.5°F (36 and 37.5°C).

Sure sicknesses, or incorrect temperature readings, might issue into why your thermometer reads 96°F (35.55°C), however you’re feeling sick. Low physique temperature is also a symptom of a severe sickness like hypothermia or sepsis, however you’d doubtless have extreme signs.

Incorrect temperature taking

One frequent purpose your thermometer could learn 96°F (35.55°C) is since you took your temperature incorrectly.

  • Ensure you are following the producer’s directions on your thermometer.
  • Take into account any components that might have led to an inaccurate temperature. An oral studying could also be affected should you’ve sipped a chilly drink or saved your mouth open whereas taking your temperature. An armpit studying could also be decrease should you didn’t maintain the thermometer within the appropriate place or should you improperly closed your arm.
  • Take your temperature a couple of occasions to ensure the studying is appropriate.


Hypothermia happens when your physique is at 95°F (35°C) or decrease in adults. For kids and infants, it could happen when their temperature is decrease than a studying within the regular vary. Hypothermia is a really severe medical situation that may result in loss of life if not handled instantly by medical professionals.

This situation can happen due to publicity to chilly climate, submersion in chilly water, extended time in chilly and moist garments, or a chilly dwelling setting. An early symptom of hypothermia is shivering.

Hypothermia requires rapid medical consideration, so it is best to name for emergency assist should you suspect you’ve got hypothermia. If it’s a must to anticipate medical assist attempt to heat your self up with blankets or a sizzling drink.


A drop in physique temperature might be the symptom of sepsis. This happens when your physique begins combating itself as a substitute of an an infection. It will probably injury to your tissues, shutdown your organs, and even result in loss of life. Different signs of sepsis embrace:

  • signs of an infection
  • modifications in psychological state
  • feeling very sick, corresponding to having a tough time respiration or feeling ache

Search rapid medical assist should you assume you might need sepsis.

Protecting infants in a traditional temperature vary is essential to keep away from hypothermia or different sicknesses. Some components that might affect a child’s temperature embrace:

Take your child’s temperature utilizing the identical technique each time. Make certain the room is a snug temperature, and let the toddler heat up if they’ve been introduced in from the chilly.

The perfect temperature-taking strategies for infants and toddlers are:

  • Within the armpit. Place the thermometer in the course of the armpit, and shut the arm in opposition to the physique. Wait 3 minutes for an correct measurement, or comply with the thermometer’s directions.
  • Within the rectum. Put a protecting sleeve over the thermometer and add a lubricant to it. Insert the tip of the thermometer within the rectum (not more than 2 centimeters) and wait 5 seconds earlier than pulling it out and studying it, or comply with the thermometer’s directions.
  • Within the eardrum (for infants greater than 3 months previous). Place the thermometer into the ear, sealing off the ear, and activate the thermometer. Pull it out when the thermometer signifies it’s taken the studying.

There are different causes your thermometer could learn 96°F (35.55°C).


Hypothyroidism happens when your thyroid isn’t functioning correctly. It doesn’t create sufficient of your thyroid hormone on your physique. Due to this fact, you could expertise:

You may take treatment to enhance your thyroid’s hormone manufacturing.

Superior age

You’ll have a decrease physique temperature as you age. You’ll have much less physique fats in your legs and arms, dry pores and skin, and a slowed metabolism as you become older. These can all contribute to a decrease physique temperature.


Taking sure medicines might decrease your temperature. These embrace beta-blockers and a few antipsychotics.

Publicity to chilly temperatures

Your temperature could also be low if in case you have been outdoors in chilly climate. Put on heat sufficient garments and hold your head lined in chilly climate. Keep away from getting moist in chilly climate.

Name a healthcare skilled in case your temperature is 96°F (35.55°C) and you’re feeling sick. You may describe your signs over the cellphone. They might supply a prognosis or ask you to make an workplace go to.

You want rapid medical therapy in case your temperature is dropping due to hypothermia or sepsis. Search care in case your temperature is declining and you’ve got:

  • respiration problem
  • slowed speech
  • confusion or different psychological modifications
  • tiredness
  • blue pores and skin or lips

Infants with a low physique temperature must be seen by a physician immediately. Different signs of hypothermia in infants embrace purple or discolored and chilly pores and skin, sleepiness, and disinterest in feeding.

There are a number of causes you’re feeling in poor health and have a thermometer studying of 96°F (35.55°C). You’ll have a severe sickness like hypothermia or sepsis that requires rapid consideration. You’ll have taken your temperature incorrectly. Or you might have one other underlying issue contributing to the decrease temperature like superior age, treatment use, or hypothyroidism.

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