9 FAQs About Benefits, Risks, and Safe Removal

Sure, pubic hair does have a function. Above all else, it lessens friction throughout intercourse and prevents the transmission of micro organism and different pathogens.

There are in all probability different explanation why we’ve got pubic hair, too.

Everybody has pubic hair, however all of us make totally different selections as to what we do with it.

Some individuals want to let it develop, whereas others trim it, shave it, or wax it. What you do with yours is as much as you.

Learn on to study extra about why it grows, the way it impacts hygiene, the dangers related to elimination, and extra.

On the subject of pubic hair, people are an anomaly amongst mammals.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t imply pubic hair has no function in any respect. We’ve advanced this fashion for a purpose.

Decreasing friction

The pores and skin in your genital area is delicate. Pubic hair acts like a protecting buffer, lowering friction throughout intercourse and different actions.

Some sources even discuss with pubic hair as a “dry lubricant.” That’s as a result of it’s simpler to rub hair towards hair than it’s to rub pores and skin towards pores and skin.

Pubic hair might also maintain the genitals heat, which is a vital think about sexual arousal.

Safety from micro organism and different pathogens

Pubic hair serves the same operate to eyelashes or nostril hair. That’s, it traps grime, particles, and doubtlessly dangerous microorganisms.

As well as, hair follicles produce sebum, an oil which really prevents micro organism from reproducing.

It follows that pubic hair might defend towards sure infections, together with:

We don’t totally perceive all the explanation why we’ve got hair down there. Some extra theories are described beneath.

Alerts reproductive capacity

Pubic hair seems at puberty. It’s an apparent bodily signal of sexual maturity — and consequently, one’s capacity to breed.

Up to now, it might have served as a visible cue for potential mates.

Pheromone transmission

One other principle hyperlinks pubic hair to the transmission of pheromones, or scent-carrying chemical secretions that have an effect on temper and habits. We nonetheless don’t know precisely how pheromones affect sexuality.

Pheromones are secreted from apocrine sweat glands. In comparison with different areas of the physique, the pubic area has lots of these glands.

Subsequently, as the speculation goes, pubic hair might entice pheromones, growing how engaging we seem to potential intercourse companions.

Pubic hair progress — together with location and thickness — varies from one particular person to the subsequent. Some individuals have extra pubic hair, and others have much less.

With that stated, excessive variations in hair progress generally sign an underlying hormonal situation.

For example, amongst adults assigned feminine at start, extreme pubic hair is usually a signal of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

This situation is related to higher-than-usual ranges of testosterone, the intercourse hormone that controls hair progress.

Different signs embody irregular intervals and hair progress elsewhere on the physique, together with the face.

Alternatively, amongst individuals assigned male at start, an absence of hair within the pubic area is usually a signal of low testosterone manufacturing.

Different signs of low T embody a low intercourse drive and erectile dysfunction.

Speak to a physician should you’re experiencing irregular hair progress alongside different uncommon signs. Hormone remedy would possibly have the ability to assist.

This is likely one of the commonest misconceptions about pubic hair.

In a nationally consultant 2013 survey of seven,580 individuals, 59 p.c of girls and 61 p.c of males who groomed their pubic hair reported doing so for hygienic functions.

However pubic hair isn’t really unhygienic.

Like different hair in your physique, your pubes entice sweat, oil, and micro organism. So, they may have a barely stronger odor than different areas of your physique.

So long as you wash frequently, this shouldn’t be trigger for concern.

There are lots of explanation why individuals eliminate their pubic hair. Among the commonest ones are mentioned beneath.

Social norms

Grooming pubic hair has been widespread apply for hundreds of years. Right now, at the least some hair elimination is widespread.

Some theories hyperlink this development to elevated accessibility to porn, the place hairlessness is the norm.

Lots of people take away their pubic hair to evolve to this aesthetic normal.

For example, within the 2013 survey cited above, 31.5 p.c of girls who reported grooming their pubic hair did so as a result of they believed it could make their genitals extra engaging.

In the identical survey, males have been much less possible than ladies to report grooming for that reason.

Accomplice expectations

For others, accomplice preferences drive their grooming habits.

Within the 2013 survey, round 21.1 p.c of girls reported that their pubic grooming was associated to accomplice desire. The identical survey confirmed {that a} related proportion of males additionally groom in line with their accomplice’s need.

In a 2015 research, males have been extra possible than ladies to report a desire for a pubic hair-free sexual accomplice.

In distinction, ladies have been extra more likely to cite that they most popular trimmed or partially shaved or waxed pubic hair.

Private desire

For some, eradicating their pubic hair is solely a matter of private desire. Individuals who want to take away their pubic hair usually cite consolation, routine, and sexual confidence as motivating components.

Elevated sensation

Some individuals imagine that eradicating their pubic hair will increase genital sensation throughout intercourse. Certainly, research counsel that there’s a hyperlink between pubic hair elimination and self-reported sexual functioning.

Nevertheless, one doesn’t essentially trigger the opposite. There are possible different components concerned.

For example, individuals who take away their pubic hair usually tend to be younger, so it could make sense that additionally they report elevated sexual functioning.

Extra analysis must be achieved to grasp the hyperlink between pubic hair elimination and sexual sensation.

There are some dangers related to eradicating your pubic hair.


Pubic grooming accidents are surprisingly widespread. A 2017 research based mostly on information from the identical nationally consultant 2013 survey cited above reported that 25.6 p.c of groomers sustained accidents throughout or after hair elimination.

Within the research, cuts have been essentially the most generally reported harm, with burns and rashes additionally reported steadily.

In very uncommon instances, these accidents required medical consideration.


As talked about above, pubic hair serves a protecting operate by trapping pathogens that might in any other case enter your physique.

Eradicating pubic hair might subsequently make an individual extra vulnerable to widespread infections, comparable to UTIs, vaginitis, and yeast infections.

Hair elimination may irritate your pores and skin, resulting in pores and skin infections comparable to cellulitis and folliculitis.

In different instances, grooming-related accidents, comparable to cuts, may develop into contaminated.

Staph boils

In uncommon instances, hair elimination would possibly outcome within the growth of boils in your genital space. Boils can develop from pores and skin irritation and infections, comparable to cellulitis and folliculitis.

Boils normally begin as purple bumps just below the floor of the pores and skin. They may be crammed with pus. Boils aren’t as deep as abscesses.


As with boils, abscesses are inclined to develop from irritation brought on by sure hair elimination strategies, comparable to shaving or waxing.

Abscesses are deep, under-the-skin infections that trigger ache, swelling, and redness.


Restricted analysis means that pubic hair grooming is related to an elevated threat of STIs.

In a single 2017 research, individuals who reported grooming their pubic hair have been extra more likely to additionally report having had an STI sooner or later of their lifetime, in comparison with non-groomers. Regardless of this affiliation, extra proof is required to find out if grooming immediately contributes to this elevated threat.

Some STIs which have been related to pubic hair grooming embody:

There are some issues you are able to do to cut back your threat of an harm or an infection throughout and after grooming your pubes.

Strive the next:

  • Wash your self beforehand. Cleansing your pores and skin earlier than you get to trimming or shaving will assist stop the transmission of micro organism.
  • Disinfect your razor blade or scissors and alter blades usually. Be certain all the instruments you want for the job are disinfected. Change razor blades regularly, and keep away from utilizing the scissors you employ to trim for different issues.
  • Use a handheld mirror. Be sure to can see what you’re doing, and go slowly.
  • Hold pores and skin moist and lathered. Should you’re shaving, your pores and skin needs to be moist. Use cleaning soap suds or shaving gel to maintain the world lubricated.
  • Proceed within the route of your hair progress. For smoother outcomes and fewer irritation, trim or shave your hair in the identical route it grows in.
  • Moisturize after. Moisturizing after your shave or wax will help soothe irritated pores and skin. Use a pure oil or lotion to forestall pores and skin from drying out.
  • Keep away from tight garments for a number of days after. When your underwear is just too near your pores and skin, it will probably worsen irritation. Should you can, go for free underwear after a recent shave.
  • Exfoliate frequently. Use a delicate loofah or scrub to take away lifeless pores and skin.

Visiting knowledgeable to have your pubic hair eliminated isn’t inherently safer than doing it your self, offered you realize what you’re doing.

Nevertheless, waxing might be finest achieved by knowledgeable since scorching wax could cause burns.

Preserving your bush clear is straightforward. It is best to:

  • Wash with heat, soapy water while you take a bathe.
  • Keep away from utilizing scented merchandise to scrub your pubic space, as they’ll result in a pH imbalance.
  • Wipe after you employ the bathroom from entrance to again.
  • Use a humid towel or tissue to scrub your pubic space between baths or showers.
  • At all times dry your pubic hair after cleansing.

There’s a purpose you will have pubic hair. What you do together with your hair — whether or not you trim, shave, wax, or let it develop — is as much as you.

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